It's sometimes difficult to describe the allure of antique silver. Why do so many people collect it? What drives them to want more? Do they actually use the pieces, or simply display them?


I'll try to answer these questions in the latest edition of my blog. 


I've met dozens of collectors of antique silver over the years. I've seen their silver candlesticks. I've admired that silver salver and the silver meat dish at the end of the table. I've eaten with their silver flatware, and been proud to drink from a beautiful silver mug




I'm very proud that we've helped build up these wonderful collections.  It usually started with a small or a single purchase either by visiting us or by phone. We’ve made purchase even easier for our valuable customers through this website. 


And the connection is then made. The silver piece is shipped.... and we wait. Wait for the package to be delivered, and then the phone call or email expressing their joy.


"It's lovely"; "it fits perfectly in our house"; "it's even better than the picture".


And then: "Can you please let us know when you find .......?" That's it. Another collector is born.



I've often been asked why people collect our antique silver. I think there's something in the colour and warmth of a vintage piece of silverware especially when it has a glowing patina, formed by more than a hundred years of use. Put it next to a piece of brand new stainless steel and feel the difference. 


The collectors like the colour, the feel and the history of antique silver.  But what drives them on to buy more?


I think it's the thrill of the chase and the wait for that elusive piece. Knowing it's not something you can just walk in and buy in any old department store. Spotting that this really is the silver caddy spoon they've been waiting for after realizing that those long serving spoons would match their service. The silver inkstand is by the same silversmith as their own silver meat dish. 



Finally, in answer to the last question: of course they use their antique silver. The food tastes better when served from a silver salver. The beer is even colder when using silver beakers. And dessert reigns supreme from a silver cake basket


Try it, and you'll see.  Perhaps you could be our next collector?