*Art Deco* - Exceptional Silver-Plated Flatware Service

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*Art Deco* - Exceptional Silver-Plated Flatware Service

An incredible Art Deco silver-plated flatware service for twelve people.

It is in the highly sought 'Nile' pattern, which was only made by Walker and Hall of Sheffield. Each handle is plain and tapering, with three lines engraved across, and two 'steps' at each end.  The service is huge, with a vast selection of eating and serving pieces.

It comprises the following eating pieces:

12 Round Bowl Soup Spoons

12 Table Knives with stainless steel blades

12 Table Forks

12 Dessert Knives with stainless steel blades

12 Dessert Spoons

12 Dessert Forks

12 Teaspoons

12 Coffee Spoons

12 Fish Knives

12 Fish Forks

12 Fruit Knives with stainless steel blades

12 Fruit Forks

12 Pastry Forks

12 Lobster Picks

12 Grapefruit Spoons

12 Porridge/Fruit Spoons

6 Egg Spoons

And the following serving pieces:

6 Table Spoons

Beef Carving Knife

Beef Carving Fork

Poultry/Game Carving Knife

Poultry/Game Carving Fork

Sharpening Steel

Pair of Fish Servers

Two Pairs of Salad Servers

1 Soup Ladle

2 Sauce Ladles

1 Sugar Tongs

1 Grape Scissors

2 Sugar Spoons

1 Cheese Serving Knife

1 Pickle Fork

1 Pastry Server

4 Butter Knives

2 Jam Spoons

4 Nutcrackers [1 is a replacement, with a different Art Deco pattern]

4 Nut Picks

1 Asparagus Server

1 Vegetable Serving Spoon

1 Vegetable Serving Fork

In all, 242 pieces in a fitted four-drawer wooden sideboard.  [Please note that some of the pieces were obviously purchased by the original owner at a later date, and they are not fitted into the drawers.  They lay loose in a large empty area of the bottom drawer.]

This is a quite extraordinary service which would delight any lover of the Art Deco period.  As it is silver-plate, not sterling silver, we cannot date it, but assume it was made during the late 1930s -- a time when Walker and Hall was one of the largest silversmiths in the world.  The sideboard is a very practical size and shape. The silver-plated pieces are in excellent condition, with hardly any signs of use. The wood is in very good condition, with only a little surface scratching.

This beautiful silver-plated flatware service in Art Deco 'Nile' pattern was made c1938 by Walker and Hall of Sheffield.

Please note this service is made of silver-plate and not sterling silver. 

  • Length of sideboard:
    28 inches (71 cm)
  • Depth of sideboard:
    19 inches (48.5 cm)
  • Height of sideboard:
    31 inches (78.8 cm)

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