*Irish* - Antique Hanoverian Silver Tablespoon

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*Irish* - Antique Hanoverian Silver Tablespoon

A lovely early Irish antique silver tablespoon.

It is in the highly sought Hanoverian pattern, with a pronounced ridge extending about half way up the front of the handle. It has a 'pip' at the end, which turns up. The bowl is a very good thickness with no signs of wear.

Underneath, the handle is totally plain and flat, and there is a single heal on the back of the bowl. The letters B over W * M are engraved at the end of the handle, signifying that it was presented to a marrying couple.

This is a marvellous example of an early Irish silver spoon. The hallmarks are stamped very clearly, with a maker's mark, harp, hibernia and date letter all very visible. The colour of the silver is excellent, and it has been made in a heavy gauge. A separate picture of the silver hallmarks can be emailed on request.

This fine antique Irish Hanoverian silver tablespoon was made in 1734 by Joseph Teafe of Dublin

  • Length
    : 8 3/8 inches (21.3 cm)
  • Weight
    2.2 oz (70 g)

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