*Irish* - Set of Three Antique Cork Brightcut Silver Teaspoons

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*Irish* - Set of Three Antique Cork Brightcut Silver Teaspoons

A wonderful set of three of antique Cork silver teaspoons.

They are in the traditional Old Irish Point pattern, and the ends of the handles turn down. The bowls are long and narrow. They are engraved with beautiful brightcut decoration, with a contemporary monogram engraved inside each oval cartouche.

This is a marvellous set of teaspoons, with very dainty bowls. The brightcutting is extremely crisp and sharp. Each spoon is very clearly stamped on the back of the handle with the maker's mark CT over IW and STERLING. A separate close-up picture showing these silver hallmarks can be emailed on request.

This lovely set of three antique Cork silver teaspoons was made c1800 by Carden Terry and Jane Williams.

  • Length
    5 1/4 inches (13.3 cm)
  • Weight
    1 oz the set of three (31 g)

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