Victorian Heart-Shaped Silver Mirror

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Victorian Heart-Shaped Silver Mirror

A very pretty Victorian heart-shaped silver mirror.

The glass is plain with an angled facet all the way round. It is surrounded by a beautiful silver border, featuring knights, scrolls, leaves, flowers and a bird. There is a vacant shield-shaped cartouche at the top.

It all fits onto a lovely dark wood back, with a hinged carved wood stand behind.

This is a lovely mirror, and it is most unusual to have a wooden background behind the silver. Usually the back is lined with coloured fabric. The silver border is quite stunning, making a bold contrast with the wood. The glass has some small light scratches, and the wooden background has a small crack near the top. I do not think that these spoil the overall effect.

This fine Victorian heart-shaped silver mirror was made in 1886 by William Comyns of London.

  • Height
    12 1/2 inches (32 cm)
  • Width
    9 3/4 inches (24.8 cm)

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