Silver for Superyachts and Megayachts

Silver and Crystal for Superyachts and Megayachts

Calling all Superyacht and Megayacht
Owners and Decorators!

The finest superyachts and megayachts deserve the finest luxury silverware. And that's what we supply.

Firstly, let us make you a magnificent new sterling silver flatware service for your yacht -- specially hand-forged by our craftsmen here in England.

This is the finest silver flatware in the world, as it is NOT made by machine. Each piece is hammered into shape from a bar of silver.

It's heavier, stronger and much more defined than modern machine-made sets.

We have a variety of patterns from very plain to highly decorative -- or, if you prefer, you can even design your own unique pattern to fit in with your yacht's interior. As an added touch, we can also gold-wash (gild) the pieces.

Click here for full details and a gallery of our patterns.

Secondly, we offer you the ultimate yachting accessory: we can make you a magnificent handmade scale model of your superyacht or megayacht in sterling silver to stand proudly on your desk or sideboard -- a permanent onshore reminder of your pride and joy.

Our craftsmen work from plans and photographs to produce a perfect silver replica.

The largest superyacht model we have made was 54 inches (137 cm) long -- that's a lot of silver.  That's been the largest ... so far. Some are shown below.

Doesn't YOUR superyacht or megayacht deserve to be immortalised in sterling silver?

Contact us now to commission your own model -- any size, any scale.