New 18k Gold Hand-Carved
Rock Crystal Cufflinks

New 18k Gold Special Hand-Carved Rock Crystal Cufflinks

Firstly Hand-Carved and then Hand-Painted

The ultimate in luxury .....

Welcome to our selection of the finest new 18 karat gold hand-painted rock crystal cufflinks.

The art of hand-painting rock crystal is hundreds of years old, and it is a highly skilled profession. Starting with a piece of rock crystal, mined in Brazil or Madagascar, our craftsman carves a three-dimensional image into the stone from the back. He uses a collection of hand-made steel tools, and a paste of oil and diamond dust.

Then he starts the painting process, which is extraordinary in its razor-sharp precision. As it is effectively all done 'inside-out', everything is painted in reverse. That means he starts with the highlights, working backwards to the main features, and finally the background.

He paints in oil, using a very fine brush, but has to wait for each layer to dry before starting on the next. This process takes weeks. Once the painting is completed, we then fix a Mother of Pearl backing, and mount it all in 18 karat gold. 

Please click on the pictures below to see highlights of our superb range. We ship worldwide.