We are a family business in London selling the highest quality
new English handmade silver flatware and bespoke pieces.
We also source antique English silverware for private clients.

Our History


The Story Begins

In 1889, Pierre Levene opens a shop in nearby Fulham Road, selling watches, jewellery, silverware and general objets d'art. His wife, Cissie, can be seen in the photograph below.

P. Levene Old Shop Image


M.P. Levene moves into 5 Thurloe Place

The business now moves to South Kensington, under the management of the second generation, Maurice Pierre Levene, specialising in silverware and rare postage stamps.


Maurice's son, Colin, joins the business

Third generation Colin Levene joins his father in the family business, and expands it with a massive influx of overseas clients. In 1973, he acquires the next-door premises to make one larger shop.


Colin's son, Martin, joins the business

Fourth generation Martin joins his father, and builds up a successful website that attracts lovers of silver around the world.


Colin Levene image

Colin Levene, Managing Director of M.P. Levene 1970 – 2014

Martin continues the proud tradition of the business, serving clients all over the world, through the internet, email and the telephone.

Present Day

An international business

We are now an international business, with clients all over the world. Thanks to the internet, more and more lovers of fine English silver can see what we have to offer. We now operate through the internet, email and the telephone. Please contact us if you are interested in any of our silverware.