Customer Feedback


We started this page in June 2013 .....

The silver is splendid.
Thank you.
Please let me know if you come across some more.
[Silver Flatware - California, USA - June 2013]

The silver arrived today and it is truly beautiful.
The package was in good order and I think the person packing it deserves acolades.
[Silver Flatware Serving Pieces - Baltimore, USA - July 2013]

Thank you for getting the package out so quickly - you've been great to work with.
I look forward to doing business with you again.
[New Silver Yo-yo and Silver Card Case - New Jersey, USA - July 2013]

We received the silver basket. It is grand.
Great piece! Thanks again for the keen eye.
[Antique Irish Silver Basket - Michigan, USA - July 2013]

I have just received the cutter.
It looks fantastic! I'm really happy with the result.
[New Custom-Made Silver Cigar Cutter - The Hague, NETHERLANDS - August 2013]

The cufflinks have arrived safely and are indeed marvellous.
Thank you!
[Five Pairs of Custom-Made New Silver and Enamel Cufflinks -
Vienna, AUSTRIA - August 2013]

I just collected the items from the Post Office.
Thank you very much. I am very happy with them. 
[Two Custom-Made Silver Lapel Pins and a Pair of Silver Cufflinks,
Hand-Enamelled with Company Logo - Utrecht, NETHERLANDS - August 2013]

Many thanks for your helpful guidance throughout this process.
[Large Quantity of Silver-Plated Flatware for New Restaurant - New York, USA - September 2013]

The Charles II piece is truly lovely.
[Rare 1679 London silver bowl and cover - WASHINGTON, USA - September 2013]

Absolutely beautiful.
Thanks for finding this for us.
We love it!
[Large Silver Monteith Bowl - Virginia, USA - September 2013]

Thank you ever so much for these excellent selections.
They are just what I wanted and exactly as expected, in their vintage condition.
More importantly, I really appreciate your service and professionalism.
You will hear from me again.
[Four-Piece Art Deco Silver Tea & Coffee Service, Large Silver Tray and Silver Salver - ARIZONA, USA - October 2013]

The menu holders are fantastic.
Thank you.
[Pair of Victorian Scottish Silver Menu Holders With Scenes From Aesop's Fables - PENNSYLVANIA, USA - October 2013]

The carvers had a play around with the trolley, and have only positive things to say.
Good job.
We look forward to receiving the others shortly.
[The First of Several Wood and Silver-Plate Beef Carving Trolleys Refurbished for Major London Restaurant - LONDON, UK - October 2013]

The salad forks look fantastic.
We used them last night.
I cannot wait to pull them out for the Holidays.
[Set of Six New Special Handforged Silver Salad Forks in Hanoverian Engraved Pattern - MASSACHUSETTS, USA - October 2013]

Thanks for the prompt service.
The wine labels arrived first thing today.
They are just the job.
[Set of Three Victorian Silver Wine Labels - HAMPSHIRE, UK - November 2013]

They are thrilled.
Happy clients are the best.
Thank you.
[Large Victorian Silver Punch Bowl For Use as a Golfing Trophy - message from the American interior decorator who arranged the sale, FLORIDA, USA - November 2013]

It is magnificent.
Please convey my deep thanks to your staff
for the museum-quality work they have achieved on this project.
I am sure it was a bit out of the ordinary for them,
and I thank you very much for this.
[New Two-Metre Wooden 'Wand' with Silver-Plated Figurine and Engraved Bands
- for Church Use, NEW YORK, USA - November 2013]

Flatware just as expected and beautiful.
Thanks again for putting this odd lot together for me.
[Small Selection of Silver Flatware in Rat Tail Pattern - ARIZONA, USA - November 2013]

The cufflinks arrived yesterday.
[Pair of New Silver Cufflinks Enamelled with the British and American Flags
- LONDON, UK - December 2013]

The package has just arrived safe and sound.
The cufflinks look lovely and I am really pleased with them.
I am sure my husband will be too.
Thanks again for all your help.
It's rare to find such personal service these days.
[Pair of New Silver Enamel cufflinks - LONDON, UK - December 2013]

The dish ring was a hit.
I was so glad I bought it.
We are delighted.
It is a pleasure having you find interesting pieces.
[Irish Silver Dish Ring - MICHIGAN, USA - December 2013]

The Smith and Fearn are an absolute triumph.
Thank you.
[Set of Six George III Silver Table Forks - LONDON, UK - January 2014]

They have arrived and I am very happy with them.
I will let you know when I am ready to place another order.
[Two Pairs of Silver and Enamel Cufflinks - SINGAPORE - January 2014]

They have arrived and they are fabulous.
Thanks for everything.
[Pair of Silver and Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks - SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - January 2014]

It looks really beautiful.
We are very pleased.
[Fully Refurbished Wood and Silver-Plate Beef Carving Trolley
- BRITTANY, FRANCE - February 2014]

Thank you for your help with the latest silver purchase for our home.
It is always a pleasure to work with you.
[Pair of Silver Candlesticks - VIRGINIA, USA - February 2014]

Just to let you know my partners were really pleased with their pens.
Thanks again for organising them.
[26 New Silver Pens Given as Corporate Gifts - LONDON, UK - March 2014]

Everything is fine. They look beautiful.
[Two Pairs of Silver and Enamel Cufflinks - TEUFEN, SWITZERLAND - March 2014]

The ring is perfect. I have it on now.
Thank you for all your help.
[New Rose Gold Signet Ring Engraved With Initials - AUSTRALIA - March 2014]

I just returned from London yesterday and the tray we bought looks fantastic at home.
[Large Victorian Silver Tray - ECUADOR - April 2014]

Wore them today and they are terrific!
[Pair of Specially Hand-Enamelled and Hand-Engraved Silver Cufflinks - NEW YORK, USA - April 2014]

They have arrived.
Absolutely beautiful!
Thank you so much for your help.
[Set of Four Heavy Octagonal Silver Pepper Shakers - OSLO, NORWAY - May 2014]

Thank you very much for the excellent work that you have done.
It is impeccable.
Thank you once again and hope to see you soon.
[New Hand-Forged Service of Silver Flatware with 160 Pieces - CAUCASUS REGION, NEAR EAST - June 2014]

The package arrived safely.
Both pieces are quite beautiful and seem to be right at home in our house.
Many thanks.
[Silver Jardiniere and Fruitbowl - VIRGINIA, USA - June 2014]

They just arrived -- they are beautiful!
Thank you.
[Silver Tuxedo Set of cufflinks and shirt studs with onyx and diamonds - FLORIDA, USA - July 2014]

I have them and they are beautiful.
I'll be giving them to my husband and son tomorrow.
[Two pairs of silver cufflinks enamelled with American and Scottish flags - NEW YORK, USA - July 2014]

The new set is wonderful!
They will be used next month for the first time.
[18 karat gold Tuxedo Set of cufflinks and shirt studs with onyx and diamonds - RHEDE, GERMANY - August 2014]

The two sauceboats arrived in good order.
Thanks for all your help.
[Pair of large silver sauceboats - AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - August 2014]

They are both lovely,
and I think the detailing of the Levene soldier is beautiful.
[Two handmade silver figurines of soldiers, one originally made by us - LONDON, UK - September 2014]

The shipment has arrived in good order.
Thank you very much.
[Ten large round silver salvers for presentation - BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - September 2014]

What a piece of art.
Please send my utmost gratitude to the artist.
[Pair of silver cufflinks, specially hand-enamelled with hunting scenes - RHEDE, GERMANY - October 2014]

My daughter loved the cufflinks
and gave them to her godson after his christening yesterday.
[Plain silver cufflinks hand-engraved with initials - LONDON, UK - November 2014]

I am very pleased with the chair.
I was able to take a closer look in the privacy of home,
and better appreciate the skill and design involved.
Please pass on my thanks to all.
[Handmade silver model of a chair and stool - BIRMINGHAM, UK - November 2014]

The shell motif and foot are a perfect match to a salt cellar we have.
[Small Georgian silver sauceboat - LONDON, UK - November 2014]

Everyone loved the hairbrush yesterday.
My daughter and son-in-law were very pleased with the engraving of his initials.
[New hairbrush with plain silver back, hand-engraved with initials - LONDON, UK - November 2014]

They look absolutely gorgeous!
I really like them.
[Pair of silver and orange cornelian cufflinks - LONDON, UK - November 2014]

Many thanks.
Wick received and now looks fine.
Plaque also fitted and looks great.
[Inscribed silver plaque and new wick supplied for client's carving trolley,
originally purchased from us in 2013 - WEST MIDLANDS, UK - November 2014]

Wonderful cufflinks!
{Silver cufflinks specially hand-enamelled with monogram - LONDON, UK - December 2014]

The cufflinks are just perfect - beautiful. They arrived today so I will have them wrapped
and under the tree in time for Christmas morning.
[Pair of silver and red cornelian cufflinks - AUSTRALIA - December 2014]

It's magnificent!
It's a surprise, and I know he'll love it.  
Many thanks!  
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
[Silver Hip Flask, date 1913, with detachable cup - CONNECTICUT, USA - December 2014]

I have had the opportunity to look closely at the rabbit.
It is beautiful.
I am absolutely delighted with it.
[Small scale silver model of the 'White Rabbit' from 'Alice in Wonderland' - BIRMINGHAM, UK - December 2014]

The box is a success!
[Victorian Silver Toothpick Box, date 1896 - LONDON, UK - December 2014]

The cufflinks have arrived safely,
and I think my husband will be pleased with them.
I shall bear you in mind for the future
as you've been very helpful with this order.
[Pair of silver and enamel cufflinks - MALVERN, UK - December 2014]

I received the cufflinks today.
They are beautiful.
Thank you very much.
[Pair of silver and enamel cufflinks -- TOKYO, JAPAN - December 2014]

It was really well-received
and is now firmly part of the Squadron's silver collection
which has items going back to 1915.
[Handmade Silver Model of a Brimstone Missile - UK - December 2014]

Lovely piece and a delight to have.
[Commonwealth Silver Spoon, date 1655 - WASHINGTON, USA - January 2015]

The taperstick is really a lovely piece.
Thank you for finding it for me.
[Unusual George II Silver Taperstick, date 1756 - SEATTLE, USA - January 2015]

The three menu holders arrived and are very nice.
[Three large Victorian and Edwardian silver menu holders - PHILADELPHIA, USA - January 2015]

It is lovely and has a wonderful 'feel'.
[Very rare George II silver eye bath, date 1818 - WASHINGTON, USA - February 2015]

They look spectacular.
Many thanks for your help with this.
[Octagonal silver and red cornelian tuxedo set - SAN FRANCISCO, USA - February 2015]

They loved the presents.
[Edwardian Silver Cigarette Box and New Silver Armada Dish,
both engraved with inscriptions - LONDON, UK - February 2015]

The workmanship is very good and everything is in operation now.
[Restoration of Hotel's Silver-Plated Beef Carving Trolley
and Wedding Cake Stand - BEDFORDSHIRE, UK - February 2015]

The event itself went extremely well
and the silver model was at the pride of place at the top table.
The RAF were extremely pleased to receive it,
and it will be used at all major functions in the future.
Once again, many thanks for the model. It is incredible.
[Handmade Silver Model of a Chinook Mk6 Helicopter - UK - February 2015]

The box arrived today. I am thrilled.
The enamelling is perfect.
Please tell your enameller I am very pleased.
[Silver pill box specially hand-enamelled on the lid with owner's dog - NEW ORLEANS, USA - March 2015]

The wax jack arrived this morning.
It is really lovely and I am happy to have it.
Thanks so much for alerting me.
[George III Silver Wax Jack, date 1799 - WASHINGTON, USA - March 2015]

The bowl is magnificent
and a very worthy addition to my collection.
[Antique Irish Sugar Bowl, Dublin c1755 - SURREY, UK - March 2015]

Absolutely delighted with them.
Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job.
[Remodelling an old pair of gold cufflinks - LONDON, UK - March 2015]

Many thanks for the personal and prompt service.
[Pair of silver cufflinks enamelled with the Union Jack and Stars and Stripes flags - LONDON,UK - March 2015]

I have just taken delivery of the most exquisite cufflinks and studs,
and I know that my son will be delighted to receive them on his birthday.
I am sure he will treasure them always.
Thank you for your outstanding customer service.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
[Tuxedo set of silver and mother of pearl cufflinks and studs - WILTSHIRE, UK - April 2015]

It is wonderful.
We are very happy with the tank.
[Refurbishment of silver scale model of a British Army tank - ITALY - April 2015]

We are happy with the teaspoons. 
[Selected antique silver teaspoons to be given as school prizes - LONDON, UK - April 2015]

Thanks again.
It is a lovely piece.
[Early twentieth century Irish silver dish ring - MICHIGAN, USA - April 2015]

It is exquisite.
Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.
[Georgian Silver Egg Timer - LONDON, UK - April 2015]

My husband loves the cufflinks.
They are lovely.
[Pair of new silver cufflinks enamelled with the UK and USA flags - RUGBY, UK - April 2015]

Safely arrived and totally beautiful.
Keep me on your email mailing list.
I'm sure I can concoct lots of things to buy over time.
[George III Silver Coffee Pot - RUGBY, UK - May 2015]

It's a lovely little piece.
Very well made.
Thanks so much.
[Queen Anne Miniature Silver Porringer, London date 1713 - WASHINGTON, USA - May 2015]

I have just returned home from viewing the trolley.
It has come in perfect condition and stunning is not too strong a word to describe it.
All of the workers at the facility were gathered round
since they had never seen anything quite like it.
I could not be more pleased with the colour and finish of the wood,
and there are absolutely no flaws from transportation.
The silver is also elegant and flawless.
I could not be more pleased and my thanks to you and all your workers who made this possible.
[Refurbished Wood and Silver-Plated Beef Carving Trolley - TEXAS, USA - May 2015]

The candelabra are magnificent.
Thank you so much.
They are excellent.
[Major repairs to a set of four large silver candelabra - LONDON, UK - May 2015]

The spoons arrived today.
Just what I wanted.
Will come back when I need any more silver.
[Pair of Georgian Silver Tablespoons - LONDON, UK - June 2015]

They have arrived safely and are just perfect.
Thank you for going to so much trouble for me.
[Pair of enamelled silver cufflinks - ANGLESEY, UK - June 2015] 

Very many thanks for the lovely cufflinks.
I have been impressed by your products
and exemplary customer service.
[Pair of enamelled silver cufflinks - ESSEX, UK - June 2015]

Got it today.
All perfect.
Thank you for sourcing this lovely set for me.
[Service of silver-gilt flatware in Chased and Pierced Vine pattern - SOUTH ASIA - June 2015]

The tongs are truly lovely.
A joy to have.
[Pair of antique Irish silver asparagus tongs, date c1780 - SEATTLE, USA - July 2015]

Look amazing.
[Pair of Victorian Silver & Silver-Gilt Comports with Glass Dishes, London date 1856 - CONNECTICUT, USA - August 2015]

Thank you very much.
The package has arrived in good order.
Thanks a lot for your kind and efficient completion of our order.
[Thirteen Large Round Silver Presentation Salvers - BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - September 2015]

Love the box!
[Fine George IV Silver Snuff Box, date 1827 - NEW YORK, USA - September 2015]

Beautiful ....
[Pair of Victorian Silver Placecard Holders
in the form of Old Galleons - PHILADELPHIA, USA - September 2015]

It's superb, amazing.
Thank you so much for your help.
[Refurbished Wood and Silver-Plated Beef Carving Trolley - COTSWOLDS, UK - September 2015]

I think the cufflinks look fantastic
and I am sure my son will love them.
The details on the crest are exquisite,
and the initials have really turned out well.
Thank you for your attention to this matter
and for producing such a marvellous pair of cufflinks.
[Pair of silver cufflinks hand-enamelled with the owner's dog and hand-engraved with his initials - BLACKHEATH, UK - September 2015]

Very elegant.
Thank you for showing me these.
[Pair of Georgian silver table forks, London date 1811, made by Paul Storr,
engraved with initial and coronet of Princess Elizabeth,
daughter of King George III - LONDON, UK - October 2015]

The cufflinks and studs have arrived
and they are beautiful.
[New silver tuxedo set with black onyx stones - LONDON, UK - October 2015]

We have received everything!
Thanks a lot.
[A massive new 671-piece silver-plated flatware service - SPAIN - October 2015]

The spoons have arrived this morning,
and they are a fantastic set.
Many thanks for finding them.
[Set of Five George III Silver Table Spoons in the very rare Stag Hunt pattern, London date 1816, made by Paul Storr - SOUTHAMPTON, UK - October 2015]

They are fantastic.
[Pair of silver cufflinks specially hand-enamelled
with the 'Four Vices' - WARWICKSHIRE, UK - November 2015]

They have arrived safely and look super.
[Pair of silver cufflinks
enamelled with the British and American flags - SUSSEX, UK - November 2015]

I am delighted with them,
nice in the hand and a good gauge of silver.
The engraving is very crisp.
[Set of twelve pairs of engraved silver fish knives and forks - HAMPSHIRE, UK - November 2015]

They are absolutely wonderful.
Thank you so much.
They will be a resounding success.
[Pair of silver cufflinks specially hand-enamelled with four pictures of a dog -
DORCHESTER, UK - November 2015]

They look fantastic.
I know my wife will be delighted.
[Pair of silver cufflinks specially hand-enamelled three pictures of three dogs - LONDON, UK - November 2015]

Everything looks great.
Thank you again for getting them delivered so quickly.
[Silver and Onyx Cufflink and Shirt Stud Tuxedo Set - OHIO, USA - November 2015

The spoons have arrived today.
They are in superb condition.
[Set of six George III silver tablespoons, London date 1817, made by Paul Storr - HAMPSHIRE, UK - November 2015]

I am delighted with the model.
It looks really splendid on my dining room table.
[Handmade silver model of a gun and limber from the Battle of Waterloo - LONDON, UK - November 2015]

Thank you very much.
The Ambassador loved the tray.
[Large round silver salver
engraved with presentation inscription - LONDON, UK - December 2015]

The cufflinks have just arrived.
They are just perfect.
Many thanks for all your help.
[Pair of enamelled silver cufflinks - HARROGATE, UK - December 2015]

They are great.
We are very pleased.
[Pair of enamelled silver cufflinks - HAMPSHIRE, UK - December 2015]

The cufflinks arrived OK.
They are lovely.
Thank you.
[Pair of silver cufflinks specially hand-enamelled with pictures of a dog - SOMERSET, UK - December 2015]

He was absolutely speechless!
He was blown away by the attention to detail and the likeness to his beloved car.
He adores the model.
Thank you again for creating the most perfect gift.
[Handmade silver scale model of a BMW 5 Series Saloon car - BOURNEMOUTH, UK - December 2015]

They were very well-received.
He loved them.
[Pair of silver cufflinks specially hand-enamelled with vintage golfers - WEYBRIDGE, UK - January 2016]

Thank you and your team for the most wonderful model replica.
The fantastic skill of your craftsmen has produced a model
that is detailed, accurate and beautiful --
but, most of all, a fitting tribute to a magnificent car.
[Handmade silver model of a BMW 530i Sport car - DORSET, UK - January 2016]

They look great, thanks.
[Pair of silver cufflinks, specially hand-enamelled with famous London scenes - LONDON, UK - January 2016]

My new cufflinks arrived safely this morning,
and they look splendid, thank you.
I was particularly impressed by their weight
and the feeling of quality that imparts.
I am very pleased.
[Pair of enamelled silver cufflinks - LONDON, UK - January 2016]

The knives were waiting for me when I got home.
They look great.
Thanks for sorting this out for me.
[New handmade silver knives in Bright Vine pattern - HAMPSHIRE, UK - February 2016]

They are lovely. [Pair of silver cufflinks modelled as helicopters -
LONDON, UK - March 2016]

The candlesticks are beautiful. [Pair of George III silver candlesticks, date 1760 -
VIRGINIA, USA - March 2016]

My mum was very very pleased with them.
[Pair of large round silver boxes,
each hand-enamelled with a dog - LONDON, UK - March 2016]

Excellent enamelling.
A true likeness.
I can't wait to hand it over
on my wife's birthday.
[Large silver box hand-enamelled with a dog - ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND - April 2016]

The teaspoons are lovely and so interesting.
[Selection of antique silver spoons, used as school prizes -
LONDON, UK - April 2016]

The cufflinks arrived today
and they are truly exquisite.
[Pair of silver cufflinks, hand-enamelled with a coat of arms -

I just received the cufflinks and they are lovely.
Thank you for the great customer service.
[Pair of silver and lapis lazuli cufflinks - NEW JERSEY, USA - May 2016]

A super job.
They are a wonderful match and a credit to you.
My daughter now has a complete set of very nice silver flatware.
[Various pieces of silver flatware to make up a service - HAMPSHIRE, UK - May 2016]

Every single one a masterpiece.
[Two large silver boxes,
each specially hand-enamelled with a house on the lid -
RHEDE, GERMANY - June 2016]

They are perfect.
Love them.
[Pair of silver chain cufflinks,
enamelled with the UK and USA flags - CALIFORNIA, USA - June 2016]

We received the salvers in good order.
They are perfect.
Thank you very much.
We appreciate your quick handling.
[Eight large silver salvers for presentation - BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - June 2016]

Received the cufflinks.
They look great.
Wore them today.
[Pair of silver cufflinks,
enamelled with skull and crossbones - ESSEX, UK - June 2016]

I like the eagles very much.
[Pair of large Victorian silver menu holders,
each in the form of an eagle from the Battle of Waterloo -
LONDON, UK - June 2016]

A superb job.
Well done.
[Handmade silver statuette of Achilles with a suit of armour - LONDON, UK - June 2016]

The two caddy spoons arrived and they are super.
[Two rare Georgian silver tea caddy spoons, dates 1804/5
- WASHINGTON, USA - July 2016]

The servers have arrived -- very nice indeed.
You must be clairvoyant
as I had guests last night with home-made ice cream on the menu.
[Rare pair of Victorian silver ice cream spade servers
in Chased and Pierced Vine pattern, date 1866 - HAMPSHIRE, UK - July 2016]

Very happy.
Thank you and your team so much.
[Pair of silver cufflinks,
specially hand-enamelled with company logos - SCOTLAND, UK - July 2016]

The sauceboats arrived safely and beautifully packed.
You are fortunate to have access to
some wonderful collections.
Many thanks.
[Pair of George II silver sauceboats, London date 1729 -
WASHINGTON, USA - August 2016]

I love both of the pieces.
[Two small antique silver dishes - BEIJING, CHINA
- August 2016]

The tankard is superb.
It is very stylish, just as I hoped.
Thanks for finding it.
[Large George II silver tankard, London date 1752 -
HAMPSHIRE, UK - September 2016]

Well done.
They look stunning.
Everyone here is impressed.
The sommelier team are particularly happy.
Many many thanks.
[Three new handmade silver-plated champagne buckets
for top end restaurants -
LONDON, UK and MIAMI, FLORIDA - September 2016]

They are fantastic!
[Set of five silver shirt studs,
each hand-enamelled with a crest -
BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK - September 2016]

Boxes received safely.
Look beautiful.
Very pleased.
[Two large silver pillboxes, hand-enamelled with the clients' dogs -
JAPAN - October 2016]

I received the cufflinks.
They are as beautiful as I remember them.
[New 18 carat gold enamelled cufflinks for top private club -
NEW YORK, USA - October 2016]

The cold meat fork arrived.
It looks wonderful.
[New handforged silver cold meat fork in Hanoverian Engraved pattern -
BOSTON, USA - October 2016]

Very nice.
[Victorian silver and crystal wine jug, Birmingham date 1888 -
CONNECTICUT, USA - October 2016]

They have arrived and look lovely.
Thank you for your help.
[Pair of enamelled silver cufflinks -
PERTH, SCOTLAND - November 2016]

We are very very happy and very excited.
A wonderful gift.
[Pair of hand-enamelled and hand-engraved silver cufflinks -
IOWA, USA - November 2016]

The cup is lovely.
I know they are hard to come by.
[Rare George III silver spout cup, London date 1772, for feeding invalids -
WASHINGTON, USA - November 2016]

Sugar bowl arrived safely today.
It is lovely.
[George II plain round silver sugar bowl and cover,
London date 1740 - SEATTLE, USA, November 2016]

We received the cufflinks this morning as promised.
We are very pleased with them.
[Pair of silver cufflinks hand-enamelled with a dog -
TEWKESBURY, UK - November 2016]

Perfect as usual!
[Large silver salver engraved with long inscription -
LONDON, UK - November 2016]

The cufflinks arrived safe and sound.
They are spectacular.
My father will be thrilled
to have this unique and stunning reminder of
the home he so lovingly built.
[Pair of silver cufflinks,
hand-enamelled with a country house -
NEW YORK, USA - November 2016]

The model is now in my son's hands.
He's absolutely delighted with it,
and it's been a really big surprise.
Thanks again.
[Handmade silver scale model of a Range Rover Evoque -
KENT, UK - November 2016]

Absolutely fantastic!
[Eleven large silver photograph frames,
each separately engraved with a personal inscription -
NEW YORK, USA - December 2016]

I received the package and all looks good.
Thank you.
[Pair of enamelled silver cufflinks -
VIRGINIA, USA - December 2016]

Thank you so much.
They are just perfect.
[Silver tuxedo set of mother of pearl and blue topaz -
BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK - December 2016]

They are really lovely.
I can't thank you enough for getting them done in time.
Your quality and service is second to none.
[Pair of enamelled and engraved silver cufflinks -
LONDON, UK - December 2016]

They are beautiful.
Thank you very much.
[Pair of silver cufflinks,
hand-enamelled with pictures of a dog -
OSLO, NORWAY - December 2016]

They are perfect.
Thank you.
[Pair of silver and malachite cufflinks -
STOKE HAMMOND, UK - December 2016]

Excellent job!
[A large new handmade silver photograph frame,
hand-engraved with a picture of the recipient's vintage car -
NEW YORK, USA - December 2016]

Have collected the cufflinks.
They look great.
Thank you so much.
[New silver cufflinks hand-enamelled with Royal cipher -
LONDON, UK - January 2017]

[George III silver snuff box with chased hunting scene,
London date 1810 - ARGENTINA - January 2017]

Thank you very much for bringing the dish.
It looks wonderful.
[Silver Armada Dish engraved with inscription -
LONDON, UK - January 2017]

They arrived today.
Thank you.
[Pair of silver and malachite cufflinks -

The workmanship is truly superb and every bit
as good as I would expect from this firm.
Thanks for finding this piece.
[Large Victorian centerpiece, London date 1852 - HAMPSHIRE, UK - January 2017]

Just picked them up from the Post Office.
They are amazing.
Thank you so much for all your trouble.
[Pair of silver black lip pearl cufflinks -
MILTON KEYNES, UK - January 2017]