Silver-Plated Candelabra for a Hotel Bar in Dublin

In May 2006, M.P. Levene was commissioned by Ireland's top lighting designer to make five massive four-light silver-plated candelabra for the main bar in Dublin's top hotel.

Each was an incredible 5 feet 7 inches high (1.7 metres)!! [seen above on the right-hand side of the picture]

The bases and columns were six-sided -- copying a Georgian design that the owners of the hotel had always liked.

Candelabra construction A

It took more than three months of very hard work, as each one was formed from dozens of component parts which each had to be cast, plated, assembled and then polished.

The hotel owners were delighted with the final product, and we were very proud to have made such extraordinary pieces in such a short space of time.

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Candelabra construction B