New 11 1/2 Inch Silver Armada Dish

Stock number: NSG52

Get in touch if you are interested in commissioning a new New 11 1/2 Inch Silver Armada Dish for your own.

New 11 1/2 Inch Silver Armada Dish

Exotic piece of silver gifts like silver armada dishes, silver ‘skewer’ letter openers and one-of-a-kind gifts like silver scale models, all handmade only from fine solid sterling silver by skilled silversmiths here at M. P. Levene. Our silver armada dishes are designed to perfection mirroring the design based on Queen Elizabeth’s reign staggered with English hallmarks around the rim and the bump in the center is a part of the antique design.

11 ½ inch silver armada dish is the biggest among our collection of armada dishes. On the other hand we also have smaller armada dishes in 3 ¾ inches and 4 ¾ inches and similar medium sized ones as well. So choose the one of your choice and hit ‘enquire’ to order. Personal engravings like initials, logo, coat of arms or dates of special occasion are inscribed on the silver gifts or any of the silver scale models that you choose to buy.

Browse through our entire collection of antique silver pieces, from cufflinks to flatwares handmade from finest of silvers only at M. P. Levene.

  • Diameter
    11 1/2 Inch