New 4 3/4 Inch Silver Armada Dish

Stock number: NSG51

Get in touch if you are interested in commissioning a new New 4 3/4 Inch Silver Armada Dish for your own.

New 4 3/4 Inch Silver Armada Dish

4 ¾ inch Silver armada dish handmade from pure sterling silver by our abled craftsmen here at M. P. Levene. We have never and will never compromise on the quality of silver. High quality solid sterling silver alone is used whether we are creating something as small as a cufflink or as big a silver scale model.

Armada dishes in silver is a brilliant piece of gift that you can present to your loved ones, be it for a wedding or a christening. From 3 ¾ to 11 ½ inches armada dishes, we have in all possible sizes. Personal inscriptions like dates, initials and names of people are engraved on the armada dish and almost on all of the antique silver pieces that you purchase from us. Just email us the details.

At M. P. Levene, we always give our customers more choices to choose from. Besides silver gifts like silver cigarette boxes and card holders, we also have one-of-a-kind gifts like scale models of airplanes and castles. Choose your antique silver piece and then hit ‘enquire’ to order!

  • Diameter
    4 3/4 Inch