George III Silver Meat Dish

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George III Silver Meat Dish

A very good George III silver meat dish.

It is shaped oval, with a traditional gadroon border.

It is engraved at the top with the crest of a crowned eagle in flight, with the motto: ALAMAS LINDA ALAVA.

This is an excellent and very heavy Georgian meat dish, with an interesting provenance.
It belonged to the celebrated Spanish General Miguel Ricardo di Alava. In 1805, he fought against Britain in the Battle of Trafalgar, when he was serving in the Spanish Navy. In 1808, Alava joined the patriotic National Independence Party of Spain, and took up arms against the French. In 1811, the chief command of the Spanish Army was given to Wellington, and Alava was attached to his staff, serving in many battles including Talavera, Ciudad Rodrigo and Vitoria. In 1814, he was appointed Spanish Ambassador to the Netherlands, although he still fought with the British in the Battle of Waterloo. He was later made Spanish Ambassador to Britain.

This lovely George III silver meat dish was made in 1818 by William Bennett of London.

  • Length:
    18 inches (46 cm)
  • Width:
    13 inches (33 cm)
  • Weight:
    65 oz (2020 g)

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