George IV Silver Marrow Scoop 1820

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George IV Silver Marrow Scoop 1820

A marvellous George IV silver marrow scoop.

It has been made in a very good gauge of silver and therefore particularly heavy in the hand. It is typically plain, with a long narrow channel at one end and a shorter wider channel at the other end.

On the back of the wide channel, there is a contemporary engraving of a dog crest over an monogrammed 'C'.

Marrow scoops were used to extract bone marrow, hence the different sized channels. Today, some of our clients like to use them as cocktail mixers!

This superior George IV silver marrow scoop was made in 1820 by James Dicks of London.

  • Length:
    8 7/8 inches (22.5 cm)
  • Weight:
    2.2 oz (68 g)

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