*Irish* - Antique Fiddle Pattern Silver Fish Slice

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*Irish* - Antique Fiddle Pattern Silver Fish Slice

A very good antique Irish silver fish slice.

It has a most attractive blade, which is shaped in the traditional way, with a curved left side for slicing. The inner part of the blade has a double thread border and it has been pierced with scrolls and small circles.

It has a plain fiddle handle.

This is a superior piece, and it has been made in a very thick gauge of silver -- it feels extremely heavy in the hand. This type of fish server was designed to be used without a fork, with the fish juice strained through the piercing. There is a full set of very clear silver hallmarks stamped behind the handle; in addition, the Irish harp and the king's head are stamped on the front of the blade. Pictures of these hallmarks can be emailed on request.

This fine antique Irish silver fish slice was made in 1831 by Philip Weekes of Dublin. .

  • Length
    12 1/2 inches (32 cm)
  • Weight
    6.1 oz (190 g)

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