*Irish* - Antique Hook-End Silver Long Serving Spoon

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*Irish* - Antique Hook-End Silver Long Serving Spoon

A lovely antique Irish long serving spoon.

It is totally plain, with a traditional 'hook end'. It is engraved with the crest of a lion rampant holding a sprig with leaves and a flower at the top. On the handle heal, on the back of the bowl, the initials I S over C are engraved.

This is a very good long serving spoon in traditional Irish style. It is in excellent condition and has a particularly good patina. The engraved initials denote that it was probably given as a wedding gift. The hallmarks are clearly struck, and we can email you a close-up picture of them if you contact us. These is an additional maker's mark of RL, which is listed but not ascribed in the reference books. Because the main maker was a Catholic, he could not become a freeman and trade directly with the public. Therefore he retailed his work through a registered freeman who struck the second mark.

This fine antique Irish hook end silver long serving spoon was made in 1773 by Michael Cormick [and RL] of Dublin.

  • Length
    12 1/2 inches (32 cm)
  • Weight
    3.4 oz (107 g)

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