*Irish* - Antique Silver Marrow Scoop

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*Irish* - Antique Silver Marrow Scoop

A lovely antique Irish silver marrow scoop.

It is totally plain, with one long narrow end and another wider end. A contemporary crest of an arm in armour holding a dagger is engraved on the back. The hallmarks (also on the back) are large and very clear.

Marrow scoops are usually made from a good gauge of silver, and this is one of the heaviest we have had. Bone marrow was very popular in this period, and the ends of the scoop needed to be strong to be able to scrape it out from within the bones. Nowadays, some clients use marrow scoops as cocktail stirrers!

This fine antique Irish silver marrow scoop was made in 1794 by John Sheils of Dublin.

  • Length
    9 1/2 inches (24 cm)

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