Large Edwardian Silver Tankard

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Stock number: 20C424

Large Edwardian Silver Tankard

An excellent large Edwardian silver tankard.

The body is plain and round and the lower part is beautifully chased with acanthus leaves and foliage. It has a hinged lid with similar acanthus decoration around the side, with a big acanthus leaf thumbpiece.

It has a wide, flat plain scroll handle.

This is a wonderful reproduction of a Charles II tankard from 1663 which is illustrated in the reference books. It is a very good weight (even when empty) and has been made from a heavy gauge of silver. This firm of silversmiths specialised in very high quality reproductions of earlier pieces. There is plenty of room to engrave initials or a crest on the side of the body or in the centre of the lid. All in all, it would make a fantastic gift.

This fine large Edwardian silver tankard was made in 1902 by D & J Wellby of London.

  • Height to top of thumbpiece:
    7 1/8 inches (18 cm)
  • Diameter of top rim:
    6 inches (15.2 cm)
  • Weight:
    35.7 oz (1110 g)

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