New 3 3/4 Inch Silver Armada Dish

Stock number: NSG50

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New 3 3/4 Inch Silver Armada Dish

Are you a Godparent in search of a christening gift for your godchild? Then you have exactly landed up in the right place! Armada dishes handmade from solid sterling silver will make a beautiful christening gift that your godchild can treasure for ages!

You can also present silver armada dishes for newlywed couples or those celebrating their anniversaries. Slightly bigger ones are also most suitable for presenting as trophies and awards. Sources say that bigger size armada dishes in silver were used as serving dishes on formal occasions back then during the times of Queen Elizabeth.

This particular silver armada dish is 3 ¾ inches in size and smaller ones like these can be used for collecting and storing little precious items like ear studs or cufflinks. English hallmarks are stamped on the rim of the armada dish and there is also a silver thread bordering around the rim of the dish.

Personal engravings are done to make your gift all the more personalized and memorable. Email us coat of arms, initials, logo or dates of special occasions and we shall create a brilliant present for that special someone of yours.



  • Diameter
    3 3/4 inches (9.5 cm)