Pair of Victorian Silver and Ivory Servers

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Pair of Victorian Silver and Ivory Servers

A delightful pair of Victorian silver and ivory servers

They comprise a serving knife and serving fork. The knife has a beautiful ivory handle, carved with leaves and beads. The silver blade is long and one side is engraved with scrolls and other delicate patterns. Unusually it is serrated along the top

The fork has a matching carved ivory handle -- the ivory is slightly lighter than that on the knife. The front of the tines tines is engraved with very pretty scroll and leaf decoration. It all comes in the original fitted leather case, lined inside.

We think that this is a pair of fruit servers, perhaps specifically for melon. That would explain the unusual serration along the top of the knife, which also has a sharp point at the tip. The silver and the ivory are both in excellent condition, and this would make a fantastic gift for somebody who appreciates fine Victorian workmanship.

This attractive pair of Victorian silver and ivory servers was made in 1894 by Walker and Hall

  • Length of knife
    9 3/4 inches (24.5 cm)
  • Length of fork
    8 inches (20 cm)

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