Set of Four Silver Placecard Holders with Purple Agate

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Stock number: 20C263

Set of Four Silver Placecard Holders with Purple Agate

A very pretty set of four silver placecard holders, each with a large ball of purple agate standing on a plain round domed silver base. They come in the original fitted case.

Placecard holders were popular in the late Victorian period, and were still being made well into the first half of the twentieth century. Silversmiths competed to design them in the most intricate styles, often using other materials including enamel and precious stones (like the agate here).

They were usually supplied in pairs, or sets of 4 or 6. The guest's name was written on a piece of card that fitted into the back. Larger holders were made to display menus.

This lovely set of four silver silver placecard holders with purple agate was made in 1911/12 by Levi & Salaman of Birmingham.

  • Height
    1 inch (2.5 cm)

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