Silver Model of a Trotting Horse

£1850 | 1850 | 1850

Stock number: 20C427

Silver Model of a Trotting Horse

A lovely silver model of a trotting horse.

The horse is realistically modelled, with plenty of detail. Two of its hooves are fixed to a shaped triangular piece of rough 'ground'. The other two hooves are raised.

This is a marvellous silver depiction of a horse. The silversmith has really captured the muscles as it trots. The model was first cast, and then all the detail and texture has been added by hand. It is a very good weight, as you would expect from such a prestigious firm.

This superb silver model of a trotting horse was made in 1986 by Asprey & Co of London.

  • Overall length:
    7 inches (18 cm)
  • Height to top of ears:
    7 1/2 inches (19 cm)
  • Weight:
    23.3 oz (725 g)

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