Small Silver Salver with Moulded Border 1962

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Stock number: 20C250

Small Silver Salver with Moulded Border 1962

A very good small round silver salver with a moulded border.

The face is totally plain (apart from the silver hallmarks), and it stands on three scroll feet.

This is an excellent salver, made by a good firm of silversmiths to a very heavy gauge. There is space for us to engrave a small presentation inscription, or a coat of arms, crest or monogram. Salvers this size are great gifts and they are very popular amongst our clients.

The small round silver salver was made in 1962 by E. Viner -- previously one of the leading silver manufacturers in Sheffield.

  • Diameter
    6 inches (15 cm)
  • Weight
    7 oz (220 g)

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