Twelve Pairs of Victorian Silver and Mother of Pearl Fruiteaters

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Twelve Pairs of Victorian Silver and Mother of Pearl Fruiteaters

A lovely set of Victorian silver and mother of pearl fruiteaters.

There are twelve pairs, with plain mother of pearl handles with rounded ends. The silver blades are parallel-shape and completely plain. The tines of the forks are also silver and plain, with no decoration.

The set comes in the original red fitted wooden case, lined with red fabric.

This is a very attractive set of fruiteaters for people who like their silver plain! Please note that although it is generally in very good condition, some of the wooden 'dividers' inside the case have warped a little. Therefore some of the handles no longer fit tightly into their spaces -- they have to be turned slightly to one side (as you can see in our picture with the forks). It must be stressed that all the silver and mother of pearl is in excellent condition.

This fine set of twelve pairs of Victorian silver fruiteaters was made in 1892 by Harrison Brothers and Howson.

  • Length of knives:
    7 1/2 inches (19.2 cm)
  • Length of forks:
    6 inches (15.3 cm)

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