Victorian Silver and Crystal Claret Jug 1874

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Victorian Silver and Crystal Claret Jug 1874

A fantastic Victorian silver and crystal claret jug.

The crystal is round and cut into oblong facets, with a star base. It has a round silver mount which is delicately engraved with scrolls. The front cartouche is engraved with a contemporary monogram.

It has a shaped oval lid with a flush hinge. Interestingly, the lid is engraved with the image of a winged angel riding a lion. The lid has a thick round thumbpiece formed from a garland of leaves.

This is one of the prettiest claret jugs we have ever seen. The engraving on the silver is lovely, and the crystal is very thick, making the jug extremely heavy. Be aware that it is not very tall, but what it lacks in height, it more than makes up for in fine detail.

This lovely Victorian silver and crystal claret jug was made in 1874 by William and George Sissons.

  • Height to top of thumbpiece:
    8 1/2 inches (21.5 cm)

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