William IV Bead Pattern Silver Skewer

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Stock number: AS255

William IV Bead Pattern Silver Skewer

An excellent William IV silver skewer.

It has a ring handle with bead decoration on both sides. The top part is faceted, and this tapers into a smooth surface until the pointed end. The silver hallmarks are very clearly stamped just under the ring.

This is a lovely skewer -- a very good length and weight. Skewers were originally made to fasten a joint of meat to a spit, or in an oven while it was being roasted. The ring handle was used to make it easier to remove the skewer after cooking -- and to hang it up during storage. Nowadays, many of our clients use a skewer as a letter opener!

This fine William IV silver skewer was made in 1832 by William Chawner II of London.

  • Length:
    13 inches (33 cm)
  • Weight:
    2.7 oz (84 g)

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