Our craftsmen make the finest silver flatware in the world.  Entirely by hand. 

And so, if you order one of our new hand-forged silver flatware services, you'll have to wait for us to make it.  It could take three months ... it might even take more than six. This is definitely not an 'off the shelf' product.

Because M.P. Levene's hand-forged silver flatware is very special.  Each spoon and fork is hammered by hand into shape from an ingot of silver.  It is then stamped with one of our original lead dies to form the pattern.  Finally it is then trimmed, shaped and polished.

The bowls of the spoons are deeper and the pattern much more defined than on contemporary machine-made services, and each piece feels much heavier in the hand. The knives are also produced to the highest standard, with stainless steel blades.

We offer a variety of patterns, from the timeless plain Early English, through the classic Fiddle, Thread and Shell and Princes, to the unique Chased and Pierced Vine (often gold-plated).

The result is a stunning new service, and as it has been made to order, it contains precisely the number of eating and serving pieces that you want.

All handmade here in England, please contact us now to order your brand new service of hand-forged silver flatware.